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Domains and Websites are under constant attack

The consequences of an incident are costly and far-reaching

Reputation Damage

After an incident, it's common to lose customers and for it to be a deterrent to potential new clients.

Administrative Overhead

Staff are engaged in communicating with affected customers and partners. Disrupting their primary day-to-day role.

Operational Disruption

Downtime is costly and potentially crippling. Losses from Cybercrime run in the Trillions.

Lost Revenue

Contract terminations due to cyber incidents results in immediate and future revenue loss.

Increased Costs

Through infrastructure replacement, hiring of Cybersecurity expertise and increased insurance premiums.

Repeated Attacks

Malicious actors seek out the weakest link and repeat their attack where they've had previous success.

Scan against Malicious Activities


Fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as user credentials or credit card details


Distribution of malicious software intended to control and/or damage infrastructure, systems or networks


Networks of devices infected with Malware, often used to carry out distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS)


Fraudulent websites set up with malicious intent to deceive end-users. Often referred to as fake webshops


Domains names used to send unsolicited emails to end users. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.


Domain names and websites that have been compromised by hackers. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.

Get Reports when Threat are Detected

Containing accurate and actionable threat intelligence data

Threat Details

A breakdown of the threat category, domain name and full URL, as well as which feed reported it and whether there are additional historical reports.


DNS Data

We provide as much DNS data as possible, to help you understand where the issue may lie. DNS data can include A, NS and MX records.

Whois Details

When available, whois details are provided in the report. The available whois information is reliant on what the provider displays.


Historical Reports

If the domain has any historical reports associated with it, these will be listed in the report as well. Giving you additional data to base your decisionsion on.


Reports are available in HTML, Plain Text and JSON. Links to each of these formats are available in your reports. Making it easy to share them with colleagues & partners or import into internal systems.


Monitor Unlimited Infrastructure Resources

Domain Names
IP Addresses
Name Servers
Mail Servers
No Installation Required

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Gain peace of mind with iQ Threat Intelligence

Protect your Clients

Protect your Customers and the General Public from harm. If you don't protect them, who will?

Build and Maintain trust

Your customer chose you because they trust you. Make sure to maintain that trust.

Deter future attacks

Malicious actors seek out the easiest targets. Early intervention deters future attacks.

Save costs

Dealing with the issue before it escalates reduces damage and time spent on mitigation.

Learn from Trends

Are the number and categories of Threats increasing or decreasing? Knowledge is power.

Peace of mind

Understanding if you have an abuse issue or not gives peace of mind and the opportunity to plan.


Each plan includes a set number of reports.
Unused reports roll over to the following month.

per monthper monthper month
Monitor Domains, IP, NS & MX
Email, SMS and API Reports
Reports per Month Included50125250
Cost of Additional reports$0.9$0.7$0.5
FREE Reports includedOn sign-up, all accounts include an initial 10 free reports to get you started. No credit card required. Once the 10 reports are used, you will be able to chose plan you want.101010

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