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iQ has one of the world's most comprehensive Threat Intelligence platforms

+200M Unique Domains Monitored Daily

+3M Threat Intelligence Reports

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Instantly receive reports on Malicious Behavior for the following categories of threats


Fraudulent attempt to obtain sensitive information such as user credentials or credit card details


Distribution of malicious software intended to control and/or damage infrastructure, systems or networks


Networks of devices infected with Malware, often used to carry out distributed denial of service attacks (DDOS)


Fraudulent websites set up with malicious intent to deceive end-users. Often referred to as fake webshops


Domains names used to send unsolicited emails to end users. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.


Domain names and websites that have been compromised by hackers. Often used as a carrier of other types of malicious behavior.

Monitor your infrastructure, based on
one or more types of common resources

Domain Names

Add the domain names you manage to monitor them for Malicious Behavior and get notified instantly.

IP Addresses

By continuously crawling the DNS, we can match your IP's against incoming threat reports, and deliver them as they come in.

Name Servers

With Name Servers as the common feature, finding ongoing malicious behavior for a host or service is easy.

Dealing with Malicious Behaviour is key

To protect you and your customers

Before Malicious Actors does lasting damage to the brand and business, resulting in loss of customers and revenue.

To build and maintain trust

Your customer has chosen you because they trust you to provide reputable service. Maintain that trust by offering protecting from bad actors.

To deter future attacks

Malicious actors seek out the easiest targets. If they know you are going to shut them down, they'll try somewhere else instead.

To save cost

Dealing with the issue as early as possible, before it escalates will reduce the damage and time you have to spend on mitigation.


How it works

It's quick and easy to get started.

Sign up for an account

Signing up is quick and easy, a few clicks and you are set to start using your account.

Add Resources

Once logged in, simply add Domains, IPs and Name Servers for us to monitor for you.

Configure Reports

Configure how you want reports delivered. Email, API, or straight to a ticketing system?

Start Monitoring

iQ Threat Intelligence will continuously monitor the resources you have configured.

Receive Reports

Instantly get a report when malicious behaviour is detected on your resources.


Subscription Plans

YearlyGet 2 months for free
per monthper yearper monthper yearper monthper year
IP, NS and MX Threat Monitor
Email, Ticket and API Reports
Reports per Month50125250
Additional reports$0.9$0.7$0.5

Get 10 Free Reports

Your account starts with 10 free reports. This gives you time to decide which subscription suits your needs.

Upgrade Anytime!

You can upgrade your subscription, or buy additional reports at any time. Make sure that you never miss a report.

Reports Roll Over

Picked a plan with more reports than you need? Don't worry, they accumulate and never lose their value.

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Who are we?

iQ Threat Intelligence is curated and maintained by iQ Global AS. We are a global team of domain industry veterans that provide trusted cybersecurity, business intelligence, and consulting services.

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